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Retailers are people who make sure that products are displayed and organized in a way that makes them as attractive as possible to customers. They work closely with store managers, buyers and other staff to make sure everything looks great on the shelves.

As a sales assistant, you may not be responsible for creating displays or organizing merchandise yourself. However, your work is still important because you support the efforts of full-time traders. You can help manage inventory, organize product shipments, or perform other tasks that keep the department running smoothly.

Responsibilities as Merchandiser's Assistant

Trade assistants typically have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Evaluate store layout and merchandising to ensure all products are presented in an attractive way
  • Communicate with suppliers about new product launches and sales promotions
  • Coordinate product deliveries with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery
  • Planning and execution of seasonal sales events such as Labor Day weekend or Black Friday week
  • Checking products for quality issues before they are offered for sale in the store
  • Explain company policies to new employees and train them on the use of equipment such as cash registers
  • Updating inventory by ordering new inventory if necessary
  • Inventory level monitoring to ensure products are always available for sale
  • Taking care of the correct price of the goods, in accordance with the store's pricing policy

Salary of assistant seller and prospects

Sales assistant salaries vary based on education and experience level, company size and geographic location.

  • Average annual salary:$39,500 ($18.99/hour)
  • Top 10% of annual salary:$47,000 ($22.6/hour)

The employment of sales assistants is expected to decline over the next ten years.

The growth of e-commerce has led to more online shopping, which will reduce the need for these workers in brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, some sales assistants may lose their jobs or be transferred to other jobs, such as online customer service.

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Merchandiser Assistant Job Requirements

Merchandiser assistants typically need to have the following qualifications:

Education:Beginner sales assistants are typically required to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Some retailers may prefer a college degree in merchandising, retail or a related field. Candidates may also choose to take classes in retail or related subjects.

Train experience:Most training for this role takes place on the job. The new employee learns about the specific products and services offered by the store, the layout of the store, and the policies and procedures of the organization. They also learn how to operate a cash register and other cash register systems.

Some retail chains may require additional training. For example, a supermarket may need additional training on proper stocking and organization of the fresh produce department. The department store may require additional training on how to properly fold and organize clothes.

Certificates and licenses:Certifications are not typically required to become a sales assistant, but they can help you become a stronger candidate when applying for a job.

Skills for the position of Merchandiser's Assistant

To be successful, the Merchandiser's Assistant needs the following skills:

Communication skills:As a sales assistant, you may need to interact with other employees and customers. You must be able to communicate effectively with others to ensure that you understand each other and are able to perform your duties. You also need to be able to communicate with customers to answer questions and help them find what they need.

Product knowledge:As a sales assistant, you must have a good understanding of the products you sell. It allows you to answer customer questions and direct them to the right products. You can also use your product knowledge to help your primary retailer create displays that best showcase their products.

Time management:Time management skills allow you to complete tasks within a specific time frame. As a sales assistant, you may be responsible for tasks such as setting up displays, stocking products, and keeping the store clean. If you have good time management skills, you can complete all tasks on time.

Organization:As a sales assistant, you must have strong organizational skills to ensure you complete all tasks on time. You must be able to prioritize your tasks and perform them in order of importance. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will do the most important tasks first and will not leave any tasks unfinished.

Teamwork:As a sales assistant, you must interact with other employees, including other salespeople, supervisors, and managers. You can use teamwork skills to collaborate with other employees to complete tasks and solve problems. For example, if you work with a retailer, you can help them restock shelves and check inventory during a break.

Work environment Merchandiser's assistant

A sales assistant works in an office environment, usually in a large department store or business that specializes in selling goods. A sales assistant works closely with the retailer and is responsible for helping plan and implement a merchandising strategy for the store or business. The sales assistant also works with purchasing staff to select goods for sale in the store or business. The Assistant Merchandiser must work well under pressure and meet deadlines. Your job may require you to travel some distance to attend trade shows or visit suppliers.

Trends for Merchandiser's assistants

Here are three trends affecting the way sales assistants work. Sales assistants will need to keep abreast of these changes to keep their skills up to date and maintain a competitive edge in the workplace.

The development of online shopping

The rise of online shopping is a trend that is rapidly changing the retail landscape. As more and more people shop online, businesses need to find new ways to attract customers to their stores.

Sales assistants can use this trend to their advantage by developing skills in online marketing and advertising. They can also work on creating a positive customer experience online, which will help increase store traffic.

Greater collaboration between marketing and merchandising

As the marketing and merchandising departments begin to work together more and more, sales assistants will need to work well with both teams.

This collaboration is important as it provides a better insight into how products should be positioned in the market. It also helps us better understand which products are needed to meet customer needs.

Greater emphasis on customer experience

As customers become more demanding, companies are starting to focus on providing better customer service. This means that sales assistants need to know customer-facing strategies and tactics.

To provide excellent customer service, assistants must be able to understand what customers want and how to deliver it. This requires a thorough understanding of customer preferences and what drives their purchasing decisions.

How to become a sales assistant

A sales assistant career can be a great way to enter the fashion industry. As a sales assistant, you have the chance to explore all aspects of the fashion world, from design to marketing. You will also gain experience working with different types of clothing and accessories, allowing you to develop a strong sense of style.

Sales assistants often climb the ladder and become buyers or designers. They may also opt for another career in fashion, such as styling, modeling or fashion journalism.

Prospects for progress

The best way to progress in this career is to gain more experience. Many sales assistants start at the lowest levels and work their way up the ladder. Some may eventually become a salesperson or even a store manager. With more experience, sales assistants can be promoted to positions of greater responsibility, such as a buyer or product development manager.

Those who are interested in fashion and are keen on details may want to pursue a career in fashion design. Fashion designers create clothes and accessories and often work for fashion houses or design agencies. They can also work as freelancers and design for individual clients.

Sample sales assistant job description

At [CompanyX] we are looking for a Merchandiser Assistant to support the Merchandiser in all aspects of the merchandise planning process. The Merchandiser's assistant is responsible for analyzing sales data and trends, developing and maintaining product profiles, and assisting in the preparation of commercial plans. He will also be responsible for monitoring inventory levels and helping develop strategies to maximize sales and profits. The ideal candidate has a strong analytical background and can work independently to meet deadlines.


  • Understanding and implementing the vision for each assigned category of goods
  • Develop strong relationships with cross-functional partners to ensure successful product launches
  • Analyze sales data and customer feedback to identify opportunities to improve your product mix
  • Create and maintain plans at the SKU level that align with your financial goals
  • Manage stock levels during the season to maximize sales and minimize price cuts
  • Monitor competitor trends and activities to inform future product offerings
  • Work with buyers and planners to develop product strategies that meet customer needs and drive business outcomes
  • Prepare and present analyzes to support key decisions regarding assortment, pricing, promotions and price reductions
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of the merchandising team, including load allocation and performance management
  • Train and develop junior team members to build a high performing organization
  • Act as a subject matter expert in merchandising business systems and processes
  • Performing other assigned duties

Required skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, merchandising or related field
  • 1-3 years of experience in retail purchasing, planning or allocation
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and make recommendations
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office, in particular Excel
  • Ability to work independently and in a team

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Master's degree in business administration, merchandising or related field
  • Experience in operating POS systems and merchandise planning software
  • 4-5 years of experience in retail purchasing, planning or allocation
  • Knowledge of trends in fashion and the clothing industry


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