Merchandising Assistant Job Description: Salary, Responsibilities, and More (2023)


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Merchandising assistants are the behind-the-scenes staff who make sure stores always look their best. They are responsible for maintaining the visual presentation of products on store shelves, displays and other areas where customers can see them.

Merchandising assistants may also be tasked with creating or updating product labels, signage, and other materials used to advertise items for sale. This includes everything from designing new store shelf layouts to creating digital banners for social media campaigns.

Responsibilities of the Sales Department Assistant

A merchandising assistant typically has a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Processing incoming shipments of goods and updating inventory data accordingly
  • Providing customer service by answering questions about merchandise, special order policies, gift wrapping services, etc.
  • Arrangement of commercial displays in accordance with the company's standards regarding style, color, size and other aesthetic considerations
  • Helping customers find specific products in the store, including finding specific sizes and colors within a department
  • Keeping records of daily sales, price reductions and profit margins for each department
  • Replenish the shelves with new items as needed
  • Maintaining the visual appeal of the store by sweeping floors, vacuuming shelves, vacuuming carpets and performing other routine cleaning tasks
  • Collecting customer feedback on the products and services offered in the store to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales
  • Verification of receipt of returned goods for damage before refund or exchange

Compensation and prospects for a Merchandising Assistant

Merchandising assistant salaries vary based on education level, length of service, and the company they work for. They may also receive additional remuneration in the form of commissions or bonuses.

  • Average annual salary:$44,500 ($21.39/hour)
  • Top 10% of annual salary:$60,500 ($29.09/hour)

The employment of merchandising assistants is expected to grow at a slower than average rate over the next ten years.

Merchandising assistants will be needed to assist stores with online and in-store marketing. However, the growth rate of these jobs may be limited by the increasing use of technologies such as digital signage and mobile point-of-sale systems, which may automate some of the tasks currently performed by merchandising assistants.

Sales Assistant job requirements

A merchandising assistant is typically required to have the following qualifications:

Education:For sales assistants, a high school diploma is often the minimum requirement. Some employers may prefer a degree in merchandising or a related field.

Train experience:Merchandising assistants typically receive on-the-job training from their supervisors or managers. This training may include understanding the company's inventory management software, the organization's policies and procedures, and business best practices. Training may also include watching other sales assistants until they feel comfortable enough to do the tasks themselves.

Certificates and licenses:Merchandising assistants do not need any certifications to earn their position. However, some states require retailers to be licensed to operate a cash register, so check with your employer to be sure.

Sales assistant skills

To be successful, sales assistants must have the following skills:

Organization:The merchandising assistant must be able to monitor his work and the work of his team. This means you have excellent organizational skills. You can use your organizational skills to track your work and delegate tasks to your team. You can also use your organizational skills to track your company's inventory and sales performance.

Communication:Communication is another skill that can come in handy as a merchandising assistant. You may need to communicate with other employees, suppliers and customers, so being able to express yourself clearly and concisely is important. You may need to convey complex information to others, so it's important to explain ideas in an easy-to-understand way.

Time management:Time management skills can help you prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. As a merchandising assistant, you may be responsible for managing the flow of products from the warehouse to the sales floor. This can include having the right products in the right place at the right time.

Attention to detail:If you pay close attention to detail, you can do your job well. You can use your attention to detail to make sure you put products in the right places and don't mix up orders. Attention to detail can also help you track inventory and make sure you don't have too much or too little in stock.

Teamwork:Collaborating with others is an important part of a merchandising assistant's job. You can work with a team of other assistants, salespeople and managers to ensure that products are displayed correctly and that the store has sufficient inventory. You can also work with a team of other assistants to plan and execute marketing campaigns.

The work environment of the Merchandising Assistant

Most merchandising assistants work in stores, although some may work in warehouses or distribution centers. They usually work fixed hours during the day, although you may also need to use them in the evenings, weekends and holidays to keep up with store hours. Some sales assistants may travel to attend trade fairs or visit suppliers. The job can be physically strenuous as it may involve lifting and moving heavy boxes of goods. The job can also be stressful as it requires the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure.

Trends for merchandising assistants

Here are three trends affecting the way merchandising assistants work. Sales assistants will need to stay on top of these changes to keep their skills up-to-date and competitive in the workplace.

Development of digital marketing

The rise of digital marketing is a trend that is rapidly changing the way companies promote their products and services. As more and more people search for information online, businesses are realizing that they need a strong online presence to be successful.

This means that merchandising assistants should be familiar with digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. They will also need to be able to create effective online advertisements that will attract customers to the company's website.

More emphasis on personalization

As consumers become more accustomed to personalized experiences, companies are starting to focus on providing more personal interactions with them. This includes everything from the products and services we offer to how we deliver customer service.

Merchandising assistants can capitalize on this trend by becoming experts at understanding what individual customers want and how to deliver it. This requires both in-depth knowledge of the company's products and an understanding of the needs and wishes of individual customers.

Greater emphasis on customer experience

The importance of customer experience has gained increasing attention in recent years as companies have realized that it is the key to long-term success.

Merchandising assistants can play a key role in creating a positive customer experience by helping to create a visually appealing shopping environment, develop customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

How to become a merchandising assistant

A career as a merchandising assistant can be a great way to enter the fashion industry. As a merchandising assistant, you'll have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the fashion world, from design to marketing. You will also gain experience working with different types of products and brands.

To be a successful merchandising assistant, it's important to have a good understanding of fashion trends and styles. You must also be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Prospects for progress

There are many ways to progress in merchandising. One of the best is to get a degree in business administration, merchandising or a related field. With this degree, you can apply for management positions such as store manager, area manager, and even regional manager. You can also be promoted to corporate positions such as purchasing or product development manager.

Another way to progress in merchandising is to specialize in a specific area, such as visual merchandising, store planning or product development. With experience and knowledge in a specific field, you can become a consultant or even open your own consulting firm.

Example of a merchandising assistant job description

At [CompanyX] we are looking for a Merchandising Assistant to strengthen our team. The Merchandising Assistant is responsible for supporting the Merchandising Manager in all aspects of product development and purchasing for the company. This includes, but is not limited to: product research, supplier relations, product development, product costing and product approvals. The Merchandising Assistant will also be responsible for keeping the product development calendar and ensuring that all deadlines are met.

The ideal candidate for this position has a minimum of 2 years of experience in merchandising, product development or a related field. Must be highly organized, detailed and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Assisting in the planning and execution of all aspects of product presentation, including but not limited to: floor plans, store layout, equipment placement, signage and visual merchandising
  • Help with the development of seasonal assortment, analyze past sales history to make recommendations on assortment, quantities and prices of items
  • Work closely with buyers and suppliers to ensure timely receipt of goods and resolve any issues
  • Prepare for and attend weekly sales meetings and provide information on upcoming promotions and events
  • Manage inventory levels, ensure products are well stocked but not overstocked, and perform cycle counting on a regular basis
  • Monitor markdowns and approval activities and take appropriate action to minimize losses
  • Process all incoming shipments in a timely and efficient manner and check their accuracy against bills of lading and invoices
  • Helping customers with product questions and issues by providing expertise on features and benefits
  • Handle all returns and exchanges in accordance with company policy
  • Stay on top of current retail trends and best practices
  • Provide a clean and organized working environment
  • Perform other related tasks according to assigned tasks

Required skills and qualifications

  • University degree in merchandising, business administration or related field
  • 1-2 years of experience in retail or similar position
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • You know Microsoft Office well and want to learn new software and systems

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Experience in product development or sourcing
  • Experience in working with suppliers and suppliers
  • Experience in data analysis and reporting
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite


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