Boss Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2023 (Free Guide) (2023)

Where you lead, people follow. You have a natural talent for motivating those around you, following guidelines and keeping everyone on track. If that sounds right to you, chances are you make an excellent manager. Yes, you are the person the team turns to when they need help. If that job has your name on it and you're thinking about throwing your hat in the ring, you need a perfectly written resume for the boss.

You may be full of potential and have all the leadership skills you need to set yourself apart, but how will you communicate that to a potential employer? Here at we are here for you. We offer350+ guides to writing resumes,along with sample resumes from experts to boost your career.

In the following guide and the accompanying sample CV for managers, we address these topics:


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  • What a manager does and why it matters
  • How to Write a Supervisor Resume - Along with a Resume Sample
  • How to choose the right format for your one-page application
  • Visual cues to help you make your manager resume stand out.
Boss Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2023 (Free Guide) (1)

What does a supervisor do?

Managers need to lead a team by providing guidance, support, and direction. You may be looking after just one person or a small group. You may find yourself training newcomers, disciplining team members, providing feedback, organizing team events, and sharing information, among other daily tasks.

While these are the broad outlines of what a manager does, keep in mind that the main responsibilities of this role will vary depending on the industry you work in. A supervisor in a bar is likely to have different responsibilities than a supervisor in a law firm. Regardless, the skills needed to get the job done overlap across all industries.

Statistical view

The average annual salary for a manager is therefore 47,768 US Statistics. However, how much you take home depends on a number of factors.

For example, supervisor salaries vary from state to state — with professionals in Connecticut earning an average of $67,150 at the high end and those in West Virginia at the low end of $34,125.

The industry you work in also determines how much money you bring home. If you're looking for new supervisor jobs, it pays to do a thorough research on the salary package and benefits you'll receive before accepting any offers.

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Do you want to give your career a boost? If the answer is yes, landing a Supervisor role might be the way to go. This is a great way to showcase your skills as a leader and influencer. If management notices your efforts, they might consider making you a manager.

How to write a resume for supervisors

How do you present your outstanding leadership qualities in just one page? That's a good question. Before you start writing your executive resume, you need to understand which sections need to be included. Your resume should contain the following elements and structure:

  • The resume header
  • Resume Summary (AKA Profile or Personal Statement)
  • The area of ​​employment history
  • The Resume Skills section
  • the education department

No two supervisor resumes are the same. When writing your application, it is important that you adapt this document to the position and industry you are applying for. Yes, there will be some overlap here - the basic skills you need are probably the same. However, making sure your resume is relevant to the industry in question will improve your chances.

Research as much as you can. Employers know when you send the same boring resume to multiple companies. Missing details and vague terminology are a sure sign. Don't make this mistake. If you want to advance, research the business and make sure your manager's resume aligns with your overall values ​​and mission.

The tone of your manager resume needs to be professional and somewhat formal. You must, of course, avoid using technical jargon that can anger hiring managers. Instead, stick to plain English and easy-to-understand phrases. If you're not sure you're hitting the right note, ask a friend or someone you trust to quickly proofread your application.

expert tip

Let action verbs lead the way!

Choosing your words wisely can increase your chances of getting an interview. Enrich your manager CV with a fewpowerful action verbs- as "trained", "overcome" and "guided" - to emphasize it.

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You stand out as a competent and experienced manager. Back to yourself.

Writing a resume for an executive is an attention-grabbing art (for all the right reasons!). You may need to do some rough drafts before you get this right. To help you with that, take a quick look at our sample resume and pay attention to style and tone.

Choosing the best resume format for a manager

You don't want to leave anything to chance, so simplify the hiring manager's job. Most of the time, the best resume format is the reverse chronological structure. Start at the top of the page with your latest achievements and experiences. Work your way back in time as you move down. Hiring managers expect this structure. That way, they can easily see what you're up to and if you fit the job specifications.

Of course, there is another CV format. If you are changing careers and looking to showcase your transferrable skills from previous roles, you may find that the functional resume is the best fit for your needs. This structure allows you to highlight your strengths rather than your experience. Check out ourscomplete formatting guide.

expert tip

Looking for more guides? Check out ourssample resume office manager,sample warehouse manager CV,sample project manager CV,sample resume team leader,Sample Retail Manager Resume,orExample of a store manager resume.

continue header

Most candidates ignore the resume title, but don't make that mistake. Getting this part of your app right can set you apart from the competition. This line is at the top of your application and contains your identity and contact details. You need to make sure it's clear, concise, and easy to read. With that in mind, you should use a simple font — like Arial — and space out the information evenly.

Sample resume summary

Next, it's time to write your summary. Sometimes referred to as a profile, this short bio is your elevator speech. In just a few lines you have the opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. Think about what they are looking for in a new hire. You may want to refer to the job posting and read the description again. How exactly do you agree with that?

Real estate resume is valuable. You don't have to waste any space here, as you must fit everything you have to say in four lines or less. You must delete unnecessary statements such as “I am”, “I have” or “I can”. You can skip these words and get straight to the point. The synopsis doesn't have to read like a story. He just has to get the message across.

Before you start typing, consider the value you bring to the company in question. What will a hiring manager see in you that no other candidate can match? You may want to focus on your past accomplishments — like we did in our resume example — or use numbers and statistics to quantify your accomplishments. It's your choice.

Customizable resume example

Results-oriented leader with a successful track record of leading, coaching and mentoring world-class teams. Experience in planning, monitoring and evaluating team performance across multiple shifts. Proven talent opening and closing retail stores and ensuring proper and accurate till reconciliation. Ready to advance your career into a new and challenging leadership role.


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Example of professional career

To get a supervisor role, you must have a strong track record of work experience. The easiest way to present your work history is to use the reverse chronological approach. First enter your company and your position, including the date of employment. Below you can check off important tasks or awards. Don't just throw in old information - think first about what qualifies for a supervisor role.

Customizable resume for professional career Example

Supervisor-Assistentin bei Lexington-Fayette Sports Gear, Lexington, KY
November 2015 - Present

  • Support of the store manager in the daily business of the store.
  • Supervise, train and lead the team of 4-6 retail associates.
  • Open and close storage and balance registers.
  • Contribute to staffing, promotions and performance evaluation.
  • Provide exceptional customer support and resolve escalated issues.


resume skills example

Your skills fuel your manager's resume. You won't get anywhere quickly without them. This is a good opportunity to add some of the powerful action verbs we mentioned.

Your resume skills list needs to be a mix of hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those that are technical and directly applicable to the job or industry. On the other hand, soft skills are the talents that enable you to work well with others. These strengths are especially important if you are in a leadership role as you will need to lead your team. Showing that you have a balance between these two skills will impress any hiring manager.

Example of a resume in the Adaptive Skills section.

  • adaptability
  • guide
  • teamwork
  • Ability to work under stress
  • Customer service
  • employee training
  • scheduling
  • inventory management
  • Handle money


Supervisor resume training example

The education section of your resume should be straightforward. As we mentioned earlier, it may be worth using reverse chronological order here. Start with your most recent qualifications, then work your way back in time as you scroll down the page. If you have completed any supervisor-focused training, either onsite or online, please include it in this section. Showing that you're invested in yourself never hurts!

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If you're not sure how to get started, we're here for you. Take a quick look at our sample supervisor resume to see how you can organize this part of your application.

Customizable curriculum Example

Associate of Science in Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Lexington, KY
September 2013 - June 2015

  • 4.0 grade point average


Continue layout and design

Want to grab the attention of a hiring manager? You can have the best managerial resume in the world, but if it looks like a mess, you're missing out on the interview. Follow these tips when choosing your resume layout and design:


  • Choose a professionalCV templatethat it is clean and legible.
  • Make sure your manager's CV fits on one A4 page.
  • Pick a few colors to use throughout your manager's resume.


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  • Play around with lots of colors, images or graphics.
  • Try to stuff information. Stick to the important details here.
  • Use multiple fonts. This makes your resume look messy.

Important insights for a resume for managers

  1. Supervisor roles are a great stepping stone in your leadership career. To land your next job, you need a well-written resume that tells your professional story.
  2. Make your resume stand out by including powerful action verbs throughout.
  3. Before you start writing, make sure you have the right structure in mind. Check out some of our resume examples for inspiration.
  4. Our tried and tested resume templates make it easy to create your next manager application!


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