375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (2023)

Thinking about starting a Mexican restaurant and looking for some good restaurant name ideas? Then you've come to the right place.

In this article, I share 375 great name ideas for different types of Mexican restaurants, including taqueria, burreria, and food trucks.

Mexican cuisine is known worldwide for its vibrant flavors, colorful decorations, and various spices and ingredients. In fact,traditional mexican cuisineit is listed as the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, along with French gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet.

375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (1)

As a potential new restaurant owner, you face many important business decisions. This includes writing a mission statement, designing a mission statementrestaurant logos, choosing an interior design and creating an effective onerestaurant websitei menu.

The name is onerestaurant brandfirst impression. A good name embodies the spirit of the restaurant and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

The name should stand out and be easy to remember so that it floats off the tongue when people talk about it. A good name must also be able to convey a message or feeling to the customer.

That's why I've included 3 simple tips on how to name your restaurant at the end of the list.

Let's get into it now!

Unique ideas for Mexican restaurant names

  • Aztec appetite
  • Fiesta flavors
  • salsa station
  • Tortilla torn
  • Eldorado delicacies
  • Maja Munchies
  • Charms of Churro
  • Taco dough
  • Cactus Café
  • Dinners for warriors
  • Guacamole Grove
  • daisy table
  • city ​​board
  • Emporium Enchilady
  • Cancun cuisine
  • Mariachi meals
  • City of Tamala
  • Habanero Marina
  • impreza fajita
  • Tequila meals at sunrise

Good Mexican restaurant names

  • Burrito Winery
  • Agawa Azul
  • Place of Pico de Gallo
  • Desert Dawn Restaurant
  • Pittige's hat
  • El Paso i in
  • Cactus cantina
  • Quesadilla District
  • Mole Mountain
  • Hissing Sopapilles
  • Chilipepersalon
  • toast lands
  • Hacienda Hills
  • Just leave Veracruz
  • Mexican Munch
  • Tamale train
  • fresh party
  • Pittige'a Zapotec
  • Paradise Poblano
  • Salsa at sunset
375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (2)

Catchy names for Mexican restaurants

  • cafe life
  • Fiesta Mexico
  • Uncle Hat
  • Cap-plek
  • living a pure life
  • Tortillastraat
  • Salsastraatgrill
  • Cancun Corner
  • Guacamole Brothers
  • habanero restaurant
  • Tom Tom
  • chimichurri
  • Potatoes For The Canteen
  • Store
  • Boca Booma
  • Three Marys
  • Borgo-grill
  • pax latina
  • A new trattoria
  • Gourmet
  • bar
  • Don Julio
  • Sailors
  • Court
  • Bay
  • Czar
  • Willa Espirito
  • Gastoria
  • three flavors
  • Sirocco Palace
  • Palace Hall
  • Happy mangoes
  • Shrimp salsa
  • El Pancho Restaurant
  • MexiMix
  • Cactus friends
  • Aztec cake
  • but friends

2 important messages in the development of the restaurant business

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Examples of cool Mexican restaurant names

  • food from
  • Hi Tequila Leaf
  • Porch
  • A good meal
  • Chateau Salsa
  • Grill Kazpacho
  • Grill San Benito
  • Mexican city
  • Aztec chef
  • Aztec friends
  • Coyote Grande
  • Pancho's Texas Grill
  • Lots of burritos
  • Golden Cellar
  • Coyote Rio Grande
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Aztec friends
  • look at three friends
  • Aztec sun
  • Aztec kitchen and bar
  • Taqueria El Coyote
  • Hey Guacamole
  • May sauces
  • Impreza w San Sebastian
  • El Jardin Cafe
  • Latin House
  • three winds
  • Olives and Vespucci
  • Bottega De Vita
  • Mexican health
  • Red Cardinal
  • Grill Manzanillo
  • De Adobe
  • Damn Grillhuis
  • Boss
  • Mexxologia
  • Lonely Mex Star
  • Mexicali Grill
  • Maja Coyote
375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (5)

Creative ideas for Mexican restaurant names

  • Jalapeno Ranch
  • seafood feast
  • Cabana's w Tostada's
  • It's Mexicali
  • Don Jose Cantina
  • Friend of the Aztecs
  • Golden Mexican
  • Gemaskerde chihuahua
  • friends etc. cafe
  • rodeo
  • square hat
  • Byk
  • Goya Tamale
  • like pancho
  • A cafe with a space kitchen
  • My heart
  • garden hat
  • Carmen Strand
  • Aztec cuisine
  • Tijuana Restaurant
  • The cactus district
  • Fusion Square
  • Maverick Mexico
  • Z Reva Del Sol
  • Casa Verde-paleis
  • The corner of Kaktusowa Street
  • rivierburgery
  • Fried seafood
  • Luxor Week Tacos
  • Just leave Tamarillo
  • Delicious Mexican BBQ
  • golden mother
  • Surroundings of Mexicana
  • Raj Guacamole
  • Luna
  • famous party
  • Mexican quesada
  • cowboy hat
  • Sonora Restaurant
  • Pancho-flavor
375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (6)

Burrito (Burrerias) Ideas for restaurant names

  • Tortilla salad
  • Burrito Bandidos
  • Humble burritos
  • Pepe's Burrito Shop
  • impreza mesquite
  • jaguar-burrito
  • Long live Mexico
  • Ezelwilla
  • Good Mexican taste
  • Burrito Mad Bulla
  • big star
  • Burrito w Sin City
  • Hotbox-burrito
  • From a dry friend
  • Pepeno Party
  • ask for paella
  • sangria party
  • Salsa sunrise
  • Gulf of California
  • Byk
  • aromatic burritos
  • The edge of the Rio Grande
  • burreira del rio
  • Dom Chihuahua
  • a target
  • Beat De Burrito
  • earthen sauce
  • Time for burritos
  • Carmelity
  • the taste of food
  • Navarro TexMex
  • Smak Arizony
  • Two Mexican Reals
  • Long live the tortilla
  • Grill House
  • Acapulco head
  • Burrito guys
  • Holy Guacamole
  • Burrito city
  • robot burrito
375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (7)

Mexican food truck name ideas

  • Traveling burritos
  • Rolling Mexican
  • A rolling tortilla
  • Fire truck with food
  • Tacowinkel wings
  • Burrito thugs
  • Tacos on the run
  • Tacostad in Texas
  • Taco Truck Club
  • Tacotruck Big Mamy
  • taco box
  • Rolowane burrito
  • Fast Gonzales
  • Rolling Taco Kitchen
  • foodtruck friend
  • City tortilla
375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (8)

Taco shop names (Taquerias).

These are typically informal eateries specializing in tacos and other popular Mexican street food such as tortas and tamales.

  • Pan More Taco
  • Taco Trials
  • Taqueria Tapatia
  • Taco station down the street
  • Rolling tacos
  • Movable Mexi-Taco Feast
  • see tacos
  • Taco traditions
  • Healthy tacos
  • Tasty takory
  • Taco Vault
  • Het Taco Territory
  • De tacotrolley
  • Artistic tacos
  • Humble Taqueria
  • taco time
  • Taqueria El Pueblo
  • Cactus Taqueria
  • May Taqueria
  • Mr. Tacobar
  • Outside Taqueria
  • Cuco's Taco Shack
  • Taco Fire
  • Salon Taqueria El
  • Taco Molotov
  • bull taco
  • taco station
  • habanero taco
  • Mr. Taqueria
  • Tacoville
  • Mad Mex-taco's
  • From Taco-stam
  • Imperium Tacowinkel
  • Taquitos El Paraiso
  • crazy, crazy tacos
  • tacos
  • Taco Laboratory
  • taco-tango
  • By Tacobandieta
  • Texas Taco Kings
  • Crazy tacos
  • Taco Brothers
  • Taqueria Rio
  • Taco Maribel
  • Taqueria El Mango
  • Taco with Salsarita
  • Taco De Tex-Mex
  • taco time
  • Tijuana Taqueria
  • Mexicali Taco Co.
  • Taco & Lime
  • Taco Corner
  • Tacos, my friend
  • By Kattentaco
  • Taqueria Los Gringos
375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (9)

Tex-Mex restaurant names

They serve a mix of Mexican and Texan cuisine, with dishes such as chili con carne, fajitas and queso dip.

  • Lonestar-taco's
  • Treasure of Texas and Mexico
  • Lone Ranger Fajitas
  • Chili Cowboy Cantina
  • Grub z Rio Grande
  • Texas table
  • El Paso i in
  • Spicy Stallion
  • Southern star style dining
  • Rancher party
  • From the Borderline bistro
  • Zonnegordel Sizzlers
  • Texas Twister-taco's
  • A plate of pecos
  • Lunch with a lonely star

Cal-Mex Restaurant Name Ideas

This style of cuisine is a mix of Mexican and Californian cuisine. Cal-Mex is known for its fresh ingredients, grilled meats, and an abundance of avocados and seafood.

  • Golden Tacos
  • Pacific fish
  • Californian cuisine
  • Surf 'n' Turf-taco's
  • Baja fresh snacks
  • Cantina on the Pacific coast
  • Seafood in the sunshine
  • Avocado
  • Wraps on the west coast
  • Cali Quesadilla
  • Pikantne Zocalo
  • Pacific Pepper
  • A fresh coastal party
  • Golden burritos
  • By zeesals

Mexican Seafood Restaurants (Mariscos)

Mariscos specializes in Mexican seafood dishes such as ceviche, fish tacos and seafood cocktails.

  • Marina with seafood
  • Zatoka Ceviche
  • Seafood serenade
  • Gulf Blue
  • Seafood hat
  • seafood mosaic
  • Prado shrimp
  • Bad beach
  • seafood from the sea
  • Seafood sunset
  • Coral Cantina
  • Pacific prawns
  • Ocean oasis
  • Shrimp Hut
  • Ocean Octopus

Oaxaca restaurant names

They specialize in the cuisine of the Mexican region of Oaxaca, famous for its complex moles, tlayudas (a type of Mexican pizza) and mezcal.

  • Bones of Oaxaca
  • Molenberga
  • Tlayud lands
  • De Zapoteekse Zocalo
  • Mistycyzm Mezcala
  • Oaxaca-orchids
  • Oktagon Oaxaca
  • Tasty Tlayuda
  • Memories of Mezcal
  • Millhill
  • Origin from Oaxaca
  • Zapotec shell
  • Z Oaxaca Olmeken
  • Mystical mole
  • Oaxaca facility


They serve dishes from the Yucatan Peninsula, with dishes such as cochinita pibil (slow roasted pork), panuchos and various seafood dishes.

  • Jucatan Nice
  • Mayan Dining Room
  • Cochinity Corner
  • Jacht Jukatan
  • Peninsula Plate
  • Yucate yolk
  • Maja Munch
  • Yucatena gel
  • Pantry of the Peninsula
  • Maja Mesa
  • Jukatekańska herb
  • Yucatan backyard
  • Pibil's place
  • Mayan Market
  • Yucatan before

Names of modern or upscale Mexican restaurants

They often experiment with traditional Mexican dishes, offering contemporary or gourmet touches, often in high-end restaurants.

  • Modern Mexico
  • Gastronomic guacamole
  • Haute Habanero
  • elegant churros
  • Contemporary Kantina
  • Sizzling Soups
  • Mexico-Mingle
  • Luxurious Uxmal
  • chique poblano
  • Elegant coriander
  • Mexican Marquis
  • Catering network
  • Mexican majestic
  • A modern Mexican meal
  • Chique Puebla

Poblano restaurant names

They serve the food of the Puebla region, which is famous for dishes like mole poblano and chiles en nogada.

  • poblano-panorama
  • Puebla plate
  • De Nogada-nis
  • Place Poblano Peppers
  • Spicy Serape
  • puebla-piek
  • Poblano pantry
  • Nogad's Nest
  • Puebla Peppers
  • poblano-palette
  • Poblano Town
  • Raj Puebla Pecan
  • Place Poblano
  • Plac Puebli
  • Spicy Poblano

2 important messages in the development of the restaurant business

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3 things to consider when choosing the name of your Mexican restaurant

1. Start by considering your offering and customers:

  • What kind of restaurant is this? traditional cuisine, tacos, burritos, etc.
  • What is the atmosphere in your company like? Fine dining, family oriented, corner, etc.
  • What neighborhood or district is your coffee shop located in? Soho, Times Square, New York etc.
  • What customers do you have? Singles, couples, office workers, etc.

2. What are your values ​​and background:

Think about yoursthe mission of the restaurantand values ​​first. What story do you tell your customers with your name?

Effective marketing is based on formulating and developing a harmonious concept from within. Communicating what defines your business helps engage potential customers because it puts your story into context.

3. The best restaurant names often have a good history

See if you can find an interesting story or fact about the history of your building or neighborhood and include that in the name. This story can also be used in creating yoursrestaurant logslogan


We hope this article helps you come up with a clever name for your restaurant.

  • 375 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas (12)

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