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Supervisor Resume Examples

Years of experience
  • Basic levelBasic level
  • middle runmiddle run
  • drive leveldrive level

Oakley Mendez
[Email protected]
123 Tu Calle, Bastrop, LA 71220

Applicant profile/objective

Certified HDI Support Center Team Lead Help Desk Supervisor with approximately three years of IT support experience. She has an associate's degree in management information systems and attends monthly seminars on the latest IT support topics. Conveniently oversee a team of 30+ employees to quickly resolve customer concerns.

key skills

  • Communication skills, written and oral.
  • solve problems
  • IT experience
  • Supervision and training of support staff.
  • session facilitation


Associate of Science in Management-Informationssystemen, 3.8 GPA
Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA, mayo de 2017


Help Desk Supervisor, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
March 2019 - Present

  • Training, monitoring and evaluation of 27 part-time IT support technicians
  • Provide monthly statistical performance reports and improvement plans related to IT helpdesk to senior management.
  • Make repairs on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, etc. and replace faulty hardware and accessories
  • Identify, recommend, develop and implement end-user training programs to improve computer skills.

computer support engineer,Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
June 2017 – February 2019

  • Provide basic technical support to students and staff.
  • Outperformed 90% of IT in customer satisfaction and productivity
  • Led a Brown Bag Lunch series for students and staff on simple solutions to frustrating technical problems


  • AppleCare Mac Technician, 2018
  • HDI Support Center Team Leader, 2019

Susana Wilke
[Email protected]
123 Capitol Street Harrison, Nueva York 12345

Professional profile/objective:

Motivated call center supervisor with more than 6 years of experience and knowledge in employee training and process optimization to increase productivity. Awarded Employee of the Year by Senior Management for maintaining a customer complaint resolution record of at least 90%. Supervises between 35 and 50 employees depending on the season.


Call Center Customer Service Manager, TeleDoc, Harrison, NY,
April 2019 - Present

  • Oversee a team of 35+ call center agents
  • Monitor the productivity of all TeleDoc call center agents and make necessary adjustments to increase service speed without sacrificing quality
  • Maintain a 90% resolution rate of customer complaints.
  • Motivate team members by implementing a new employee recognition program that reduced turnover by 30%
  • Interview and recommend temporary employees for hiring.

Assistant Call Center Supervisor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
August 2016 – March 2019

  • Helped control the quality of recorded calls
  • Trained associates whose calls scored a 2 or less on procedures, customer service expectations, basic claims information, and related technology
  • Served as an assistant call center supervisor when the call center manager/supervisor was unavailable
  • Received calls agents were having issues with and resolved the issue 92% of the time

Call Center Assistant/Supervisor Trainee, Sunrise Hospital Call Center, Rochester, MN
April 2014 – July 2016

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  • Connected with clients online and by phone to answer questions about the hospital
  • Routing of calls to the appropriate person or department if necessary
  • Completed approximately 40+ calls per day with excellent customer service skills
  • Often exceeded company productivity standards.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, September 2017

Key qualifications/areas of knowledge:

  • Communication
  • rationalization
  • Resolution of customer complaints
  • train employees
  • quality monitoring
  • HIPAA compliance


  • Call Center Manager Training and Certification by Resource Center for Customer Service Representatives, 2017
  • Certified Contact Center Supervisor (CCCS), Customer Service Representative Resource Center, 2018

james colton
[Email protected]
123 on calle, Richmond, Virginia 12345

Professional profile/objective:

Experienced and responsible operations manager with more than 10 years of experience in the operation of packaging companies. Responsible for successfully training over 100 people and managing close to 50 direct reports. Reduced product distribution time by 25% and created an operations manual distributed to 200+ employees.


Plant Manager, Handle Packaging Carefully, Alexandria, VA
April 2017 - Present

  • Recruit, train and monitor the performance of more than 45 direct reports
  • Monitor OHSA compliance in warehouses and customer service stores
  • Manage payroll for 80+ employees
  • Investigate alternative methods of product distribution.
  • Monitor mail orders, resulting in a 25% reduction in delivery time to customers

Senior Operations Assistant, Packaging Corporation of America, Richmond, VA
April 2017 - Present

  • Supervision of four operations assistants
  • Packaging quality control assessments completed weekly
  • Up-to-date internal operating documents
  • Assist with marketing efforts, both online and in person.
  • Assist in the development of a new recruitment program.

Administrative/Operations Assistant, Crater and Freighter, Richmond, VA
April 2009 – October 2011

  • Support company operations by completing general filling
  • Answer calls and messages when necessary
  • Weekly, monthly and seasonal generation of status/target reports
  • Developed an operating procedures manual that was distributed to over 200 people.


Associate of Arts and Sciences in Business Administration
Central Virginia Community College, Lynchburg, VA, June 2013

key skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • solve problems
  • cost reduction
  • Taking care of many employees at the same time
  • project management
  • decision making


  • Certified Operations Manager - The American Institute of Business Communication and Management, 2014

Common key qualifications and action verbs for supervisor resumes

When applying for supervisory jobs, it's important to emphasize key qualifications and related action verbs. A large percentage of companies rely on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to narrow down the hundreds of job applications they receive to a small pool of suitable candidates for the hiring manager to review. One thing that a company's ATS will evaluate your resume on is whether it contains the skills and action verbs described above. The more you incorporate these job-related keywords and action verbs into your resume, the better chance your resume will pass the ATS scan and be done before the position's hiring manager requests an interview.

Here are some of the popular skills and action verbs companies often look for in managers:

Qualifications and key competencies
conflict resolutioncreativity
Critical thinkingDelegation
Empathygenerational awareness
MotivationPerformance evaluation
planningpositive mentality
presentationsolve problems
time managementTraining
Willingness to learn and accept feedback.
action verbs

Tips for writing a better resume for bosses

Add all your management related certifications

Supervisors must list all of their certifications on their resume, including current ones. Be sure to include any leadership-related certifications, as well as any technical certifications. Employers want endorsement of your leadership skills, and widely recognized certifications can go a long way toward that. Organizations also prefer or require managers to be experts in the industries and specialties in which the individuals or teams they serve will work. Technical certifications serve to validate your knowledge and skills in these areas.

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Certifications are usually added in a separate section or included in the Skills section. To ensure that ATS scans and hiring managers recognize your certifications as a credible endorsement of your experience and skills, list your certifications with their exact titles. Don't use acronyms, especially when applying for jobs outside of your immediate industry. Also, depending on the certification, you may want to provide the name of the certifying organization.

Example 1


Certified Scrum Master – Scrum Alliance, 2017

Example #2


Master Property Manager – National Association of Residential Property Managers, 2018


administrative property

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Quantify your leadership experience on your resume

When you see leadership experience quantified on resumes, hiring managers feel more confident that you can be effective in a leadership role. Simply saying "led a team" has much less impact than "effectively managing a team or 13 people responsible for completing a high-risk project that has helped the company win a $14 million annual contract." honest statistics as you can.

When writing your work experience bullet points, try to include answers to questions about your leadership experience, such as "how much?" or "how many?" For example:

  • How many employees did you take care of?
  • How much has your employee retention rate increased?
  • How many new employees have you hired, mentored, trained, etc.?

Example 1


Oversaw 45 call center agents and implemented new standards, reducing customer complaints by 30%.


Support of a call center.

Example #2


Trained a team of 12 salespeople to exceed their annual sales goals by 10% in just eight months.

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Sales trained employees.

How to align your resume with the job description

Hiring managers comb through many resumes looking for exceptional candidates. To set yourself apart from other candidates, one of the wisest steps you can take is to mirror your resume with the skills and experience listed in the job description.

To determine which skills your resume should highlight, look at the job description. In most cases, the most important requirements for the position are listed at the beginning of the job description or listed multiple times. These are the words you want to include on your resume. Once you've identified these keywords, review them and add them to your resume. As you reread your resume, take a few minutes to communicate how you can meet your top priorities.

To see this exercise in action, take a look at the job description below and the keywords a candidate should look for on their resume.

Warehouse manager job description example

Cactus Candle Company is looking for oneexperienced supervisorto take over our warehouse in Kansas City. This person must be exceptional.interpersonal skillsand a cash historyRecruitment, training and follow-uplarge-scale employees. StrongrecordsYInventrequired skills as well. Full benefits including vision and dental treatment after three months. Tuition reimbursement is also possible.


  • Hire, train and motivatefull-time and seasonal workers
  • Monitoremployee productivity and provide feedback
  • Keep detailed records ofInvent
  • Monitor facilities and make sure they are securehealth and Environmentstandards
  • Repair of machines and equipment
  • Conduct semi-annual performance reviews of warehouse personnel.


  • High school diploma; Associate degree preferred
  • TriedExperience as a supervisoror equivalent role
  • Ensure warehouse operations run consistently to meet all deadlines
  • microsoft officeexpertise
  • Greatinterpersonal skills
  • ability toto motivateand lead and develop others
  • Strong knowledge ofhealth and Environmentregulations

According to the job description, the ideal candidate should have the following qualities and/or experience:

  • experienced supervisor
  • Interpersonal skills: hiring, training, supervising
  • To motivate
  • Compliance with health and environmental standards.
  • records
  • Invent
  • microsoft office

Then, take what you highlighted from the job description and include that language in the Experience and Skills sections of your resume. Below is an example of how to integrate these keywords:

Example of a supervisor's work experience

weekend camp teacher

ACE Bandages, October 2017 to November 2020

  • RentedYeducatedall weekend workers
  • Necessarymicrosoft officetools for detailingrecords
  • exceptionally busyinterpersonal skillsto resolve customer complaints and employee concerns
  • completed weeklyInvent
  • Evaluate stock daily to ensure compliancehealth and Environmentregulations
  • motivatedEmployees with a creative incentive plan
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