12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (2023)

Getting a leadership position is not easy. You need to show employers that you know the ins and outs of your industry and that you have themleadership skillsto lead a successful team.

One of the best ways to create a management resume is by viewing itExamples of CVsby inspiration:

  • CV of the managing director
  • CV of the maintenance manager
  • Mid-career resume
  • CV of the managing director
  • Curriculum vitae of the warehouse manager
  • CV of the program manager

Sample manager resumes by industry

Here are some executive level resume examples that you can use as a guide to preparing your own application:

CV of the sales manager

12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (1)

Why does this example work?

Sales managers are expected to lead a sales team and ensure their goals are met. This candidate immediately shows employers that they are capable of meeting expectations by starting with a resume full of accomplishmentsCV of the sales manager.

The candidate then moves on to an informative experiential section that highlights their leadership and strategic thinking skills, essential skills for a managerial position.

CV of the branch manager

12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (2)

Why does this example work?

The manager candidate who wrote thisCV of the branch managerThey know employers want someone they can trust to run their business efficiently. That's why they don't waste time showing off their 10 years of professional experience.

In addition, the candidate seeks to demonstrate a high level of experience and a successful track record in handling operations. Their experience shows employers that they are highly qualified for the job and have all the skills needed to keep the business running smoothly.

CV of the managing director

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Why does this example work?

Simple, but effective, thatCV of the managing directorcommunicates the candidate's skills and qualifications in a formal and simple mannerdesign a resume.

First an informative oneSummary of the syllabuseducates employers on everything they need to know about a candidate's general manager skills. The candidate is then taken to their work experience section, which contains many examples of the candidate's achievements, backed up with hard data to show employers what they are capable of.


12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (4)

Why does this example work?

It isRestaurant manager resume exampleIt features an eye-catching header and design that will help them catch the attention of potential employers.

In an industry as fast-moving and competitive as the hospitality industry, it's important that you differentiate your application from other applicants and communicate your qualifications as quickly as possible. With a singlecontinue headeris a way of doing this in a way that employers will remember your name as well.

Resume retail salesman

12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (5)

Why does this example work?

Unique and perfectly organized, thatResume retail salesmanclearly communicates the candidate's experience and skills with aprofessional resume templateDesign.

This example management resume cuts it short with a bulleted summary that provides an overview of your key accomplishments.

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In addition, this syllabus containsskill levelsin the left column to illustrate the different professional strengths of the candidate. While appropriate for a casual job like retail management, these skill bars are not appropriate if you were applying for a managerial position in a more rigorous industry such as accounting or consulting.

Curriculum vitae of the Deputy General Manager

12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (6)

Why does this example work?

It isCurriculum vitae of the Deputy General Manageruses a formal layout to minimize distractions and focus directly on the candidate's accomplishments.

Please note that this resume contains many examples of hard numbers. In a revenue-focused role like Assistant Retail Manager, the ability to upsell is key to impressing your bosses and keeping your job. And the best way to show employers you can increase sales is to include those hard numbers — anything that illustrates the scope of your accomplishments — on your resume.

CV Head of Marketing

12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (7)

Why does this example work?

In an industry as competitive as marketing, your resume needs to stand out and sell you as a candidate. With an eye-catching sidebar design and many achievementsCV Head of Marketingit does a great job of doing just that.

If you work in a more advanced field like marketing, be sure to use amodern resume templateLayout to give your app an updated look.

How to write a resume for a managerial position

Now that you've seen some sample manager resumes, here's how you can write a compelling resume for any executive-level position:

Start with a CV summary that highlights your accomplishments

The best way for managersstart resumeis the use of aSummary of the syllabus. Resume summaries are especially useful for executive-level job seekers because they areperformance-oriented.

By using a resume summary, you can quickly highlight your most impressive achievements as a manager for employers.

Here is a sample manager resume summary to give you a better idea of ​​what we mean:

Restaurant Manager Resume Summary

Entrepreneurial Restaurant Manager with over 6 years experience running a high quality, fast paced five star restaurant. Trained over 50 employees and maintained an employee retention rate that is 25% above the industry standard by implementing training programs.

If you're still not sure how to write an effective resume introduction, you can consult a professionalResume Summary Generator.

Use action verbs to describe your managerial responsibilities

Hiring managers see the same tired words and phrases on resumes over and over again. For example:

Do not use these:

  • Responsible for
  • Manager
  • trustworthy
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Passive words like these are boring and tell the hiring manager nothing about what you actually did.accomplishedlike a manager.

Use strong insteadresume action verbsto highlight achievements in your career. For example:

cutOffice supplies budget at $470

If you're not sure what words to use on your resume, here are some common management-related action words to highlight your accomplishments as a team and project leader:

The words of the course of his life

to facilitateEncourageTo lead
To nameChampionDelegate
RuderCoachTo lead

Add numbers to demonstrate your competence as a leader

During your time as a manager, you have probably gained a lot of experience. do yourresume achievementsas attractive as possible by backing up this experience with hard numbers.

Add numbers when listingwork experience on your resumeIt helps hiring managers put that experience into context and better understand what it can do for them.

For example, if a hiring manager saw the following bullet point on a marketing executive's resume, they would immediately understand that this candidate has the skills to achieve an impressive 13% revenue growth (and could even achieve similar results if hired):

Developed a new product bundling advertising campaign, increasing sales revenue by 13% with projected annual sales growth of $400,000

No leadership experience? List of related achievements

If you are not yet a manager, you can still apply for a management role by tickingtransferrable skillsand any leadership experience you have.

One approach is to highlight yoursproject management skills. For example, if you led a project to completion, highlight that experience on your resume.

Here's an example of how a candidate showcased their project management skills on their resume by mentioning the time they coordinated with freelancers:

Delegated beta testing of 13 applications to a team of 47 freelancers

Although you have no personal managerial experience, this type of work demonstrates your ability to coordinate and direct others, which is essential for any leadership role.

In addition, you may also have experience helping new hires get their jobs done.

Displaying this experience on your resume indicates that you have itinterpersonal skillsand job-specific experience to give direction effectively, and it also shows that you have earned your manager's trust in having some authority over new hires.

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To list people's training experience on a resume:

Training of 7 new cashiers to full-fledged sales staff in record time

Highlight your relevant management skills

If you want to be hired at a managerial level, you have to show that you know more than just the rough details of your industry.

Companies are looking for candidates who have thatleadership qualitiesnecessary to train new employees, lead a successful team and manage projects.

Show employers that you have the essential skills to be a successful manager by prominently highlighting them on your resume.

For example, be sure to addbullet points in your resumeDetails of times you trained staff or managed projects to demonstrate your leadership skills. You should also highlight the times you've had to interact with customers to show you're able to represent your business and communicate professionally.

Read the job description for the desired position

If you're applying for a managerial position and you're not sure what the employer is looking for, it's best to find outread the job description.

HR managers include everyonetechnical skills, experience, educational level, and even personality traits that candidates are expected to have in the requirements section of the job posting.

Also, the job description can be a great way to find relevant keywords for your resume.

For example, see this job description for a Regional Human Resources Manager position:

12+ Manager Resume Examples (and How to Write Your Own) (8)

The words highlighted are all the skills or experience that this company is looking for in their ideal manager candidate.

To show you're the best person for the job, you have tocustomize your resumeto highlight the specific skills required for the position you are applying for.

Manager resume template

Are you ready to create your resume for a managerial position? To get you started, here is oneManagement Resume Templatewhich you can copy and paste and then fill in with your own information:

1. Resume track


E-Mail: youremail@googlemail.com | Telefon: 895 555 555 | Adresse: 4397 Aaron Smith Drive Harrisburg, PA 17101 | Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/yourprofile

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2. Introduction to the curriculum

Experienced [industry] manager/prospect with [number of years] years of industry experience in [industry]. I would like to draw on my experience in [relevant hard skills] to fill your role as [manager position name]. A passionate leader who wants to help [company name] achieve its goals. Recognized for my outstanding track record and [relevant management soft skills].

3. Relevant work or experience

Most recent job title

Employer Name/City/Start Date - End Date

  • Add a bulleted list of your accomplishments
  • Be sure to back up your successes with hard numbers
  • Highlight moments when you led a team or led a successful project

previous job title

Employer Name/City/Start Date - End Date

  • Name relevant achievements from a previous job
  • When you are no longer in that job, use past tense verbs to describe the experience.

4. Education

Title Name / Subject

University, Location | Date of completion

5. Skills and Certifications

  • List your hard skills and relevant certifications here
  • Please be specific by mentioning names of software or tools you have experience with.

6. Additional Resume Section

  • Here you can add other relevant information about your qualifications
  • For example, this section could be used for awards you have received or conferences you have attended.

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